Young Pharma Forum

YPF is an initiative for PhD students, Postdocs and Assistant professors at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology and the Department of Pharmacy.

Picture of Young Pharma Forum 2023

The aim of YPF is to accelerate the careers of young researchers within drug development and to create strong social, professional, and international networking opportunities between members, enabling them to excel as scientists.

YPF also aims to provide young researchers with a broad understanding of the different career paths possible for a scientist – whether these are in Denmark or abroad, in basic research, drug development, innovation, entrepreneurship, management, or even business development.

Providing this insight through different types of events, YPF hopes to build bridges between industry and academia and to prepare young researchers to make knowledge-based career decisions.

YPF will help its members to

  • get to know their fellow young researchers
  • obtain a better overview of the possible career paths
  • increase their knowledge about life science innovation and start-ups
  • get more insight into the pharmaceutical- and biotech industry
  • be inspired scientifically
  • build a strong professional network (both within YPF and outside) that will strengthen their scientific career.

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