DRA has a focus on career development for affiliated PhD students and is thus involved in several career activities.

Career Day 2019



In 2024, the Career Day is a 3-hour event on 30 January at BRIC. See programme.

In 2023, the Industrial Career Day is a 3-hour (physical) event in March, organised in collaboration with the graduate programmes MoMeD and IVP. The event begins with the companies briefly presenting themselves, followed by a fair, where young researchers and companies can meet and network, and several workshops for PhD students/Postdocs. See presentation video with Jukka Rantanen.

In 2020 and 2021, the event was organised as Virtual Career Days in November, three days with workshops and sessions on career in academia and industry; workshops in the mornings and company sessions in the afternoons. The online format made it possible to have companies from abroad participating as well.

In collaboration with the graduate programmes MoMeD and NeuroGrad, a Career Day has been organised in 2018 and 2019, providing an overview of non-academic career possibilities as well as introducing the companies to young talents. The Career Day was a 3-hour (physical) event that began with the companies briefly presenting themselves, followed by a fair, where young researchers (PhD students/Postdocs) and companies could meet and network.






  • Alumni Association
    The alumni association at University of Copenhagen offers social and professional networks and career activities for former students from University of Copenhagen. Both Danish and international students are welcome to join.
  • International staff mobility, ISM
    ISM is a department within Human Resources in the Central Administration of the University of Copenhagen with the purpose of providing support and assistance to all international researchers, academia and PhD fellows on all issues related to moving to and settling in Denmark.
  • Social media: LinkedIn and Twitter
    DRA has a LinkedIn group and a Twitter profile where we announce PhD defences, DRA lectures and symposia, PostDoc fellowships and other matters of interest. This is also a way to stay in touch when you get your PhD degree.
  • ULLA collaboration
    DRA is member of the ULLA collaboration. An important networking possibility is participation in the ULLA summer school or ULLA workshop.
  • Young Pharma Forum
    DRA supports the Young Pharma Forum in their scientific or career development activities and social or networking activities.









The Drug Research Academy has conducted an employment survey on PhDs in pharmaceutical sciences completed 2020-2022 after previous enrolment at Department of Pharmacy and Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology. 74% of the PhD graduates got their first employment within 3 months after the conferment of the PhD degree, 77% have research and development as main function, 56% are employed in pharmaceutical or life science company and 26% at universities. 69% work in Denmark. 86% work in a field related to their PhD project.

The results are compared with similar surveys conducted previously.

See the full employment survey 2020-2022.

The University of Copenhagen has also conducted an employment analysis of PhD graduates from the University 2008-2016. 


























































Career counselling, job search, mentor programmes and entrepreneurship













Several DRA PhD students have expressed a wish for a mentor programme. DRA does not have a mentor programme on its own but encourage the use of a mentor as part of career development. If you are interested in becoming a mentee you can contact the following relevant trade unions with mentor programmes which are also open for PhD students. Be aware that they require membership:

These unions also offer career help and tools in job hunting after the PhD. 









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