Design & present your Poster in PowerPoint

This workshop is open for PhD students of following graduate programmes:

  • Molecular mechanisms of disease
  • Drug research academy
  • In vivo pharmacology and experimental animals

Learn to design your scientific poster with focus on well communicated flow, graphics and priorities – and deliver a well-prepared presentation. 

Designing a scientific poster requires a good understanding of the features in PowerPoint and a sense of designing flow, use of models and graphic overview.

This workshop combines the technical part of designing with PowerPoint - and the conceptual part of communicating though your own design.

This workshop is for both beginners and those already familiar with basics of poster design. Please indicate your level upon registration.

The contents of this workshop are: 

  • Designing in PowerPoint – beyond the default slideshow
  • Prioritizing and structuring our scientific poster
  • Building graphic models that underline your messages
  • Choosing the color scheme that creates focus and a balanced design
  • Building a storyline of your poster
  • Getting insights on personal presentation structure and style
  • Receiving personal feedback on your draft poster

The aim of the workshop is to provide you with the skills and understanding for working with poster design independently and to train basic presentation skills.

Mads Svaneklink, Virtual Lead Trainer & Advisor, Softworld A/S 

The workshop has room for maximum 25 participants, and seats will be allocated on a first come-first served basis. 

The registration for workshop is binding.

Register here before 8 April 2024