Overcoming the skin barrier

DRA symposium

The number of people suffering from skin disorders, such as atopic dermatitis, is continuously increasing, resulting in increased healthcare costs and significant decrease in the patient’s quality of life. However, despite much research within the area, overcoming the skin barrier is still highly challenging. Recently, novel promising delivery strategies has been developed, together with a more detailed understanding of the skin immune system.

This seminar brings together leading experts within dermatology, providing an overview of the skin barrier as seen from a clinical perspective, when developing cutaneous formulations, immunological aspects and finally a case study on non-invasive extraction of biomarkers from the skin.



Welcome and introduction
Stine Rønholt, Assistant Professor, LEO Foundation Center for Cutaneous Drug Delivery / Danish Pharmaceutical Society


A clinician’s perspective on challenges within treatment of atopic dermatitis
Anne-Sofie Halling-Sønderby, MD, PhD, Bispebjerg Hospital


Novel strategies to overcome the skin barrier
Samir Mitragotri, Professor, Wyss Institute at Harvard University


Break with refreshments


From diseased skin to robust and long-term homeostasis
Liv Eidsmo, Prof. & Executive Director, Skin Immunology Research Center, University of Copenhagen


Bicontinuous cubic liquid crystals as potential matrices for noninvasive topical sampling of low molecular weight biomarkers
Johan Engblom, Professor & Dept. head, Dept. of Biomedical Science, Malmö University


Wrap up
Stine Rønholt & Gitte Pommergaard Pedersen, Danish Pharmaceutical Society

The symposium is organized on behalf of the graduate programme in pharmaceutical sciences, Drug Research Academy, by Assistant Professor Stine Rønholt, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the Section for Biopharmaceuticals, Danish Pharmaceutical Society.

The symposium is free of charge and open for attendance by all interested parties. It is not necessary to pre-register.