PhD defence by Nane Griem-Krey

In vitro and in vivo investigations into the neuroprotective effect of GHB analogues via a novel site in CaMKIIα

Assessment Committee
Professor Kristian Strømgaard (Chairperson), University of Copenhagen
Associate professor Mai Marie Holm, Aarhus University
Professor Paco S. Herson, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Professor Petrine Wellendorph Frederiksen, University of Copenhagen
Senior Research Fellow Andrew Clarkson, University of Otago
Professor Bente Flensborg Frølund, University of Copenhagen
Associate Professor Birgitte Rahbek Kornum, University of Copenhagen

Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology

Graduate Programme
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Place of study
The experimental work took place at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen, at University of Caen, France, and at University of Southern Denmark

Benzon auditorium, building 12, Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen

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