26 February 2021

PhD planner - new admin system

On 4 March 2021, all handling of PhD programmes for PhD students at Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology and Department of Pharmacy will be transferred to a new administrative system, PhD Planner. 

What does this mean for you?
For you as a PhD student, this means that you have to handle a number of things in PhD Planner that you currently do by email or via an electronic form.

You must handle the following issues in PhD Planner from 4 March 2021:

  • Registration of maternity/paternity leave and long-term illness as well as applications for part-time PhD programme, leaves of absence, extension of enrolment and changes in your supervisor group
  • Registration and approval of external courses and change of environment
  • Nominating your assessment committee
  • Handing in your thesis

If it is necessary that your principal supervisor approves one of your applications, he or she must approve directly in PhD Planner. Therefore, you no longer need to obtain approval by email or via a physical form with signature.