Workshop: Design your own Poster – Tailored PowerPoint Training

Even if you are not invited to speak at your next conference you still have a great opportunity to share your results, get feedback from your fellow scientists, identify future collaborators, and make a lasting impression on prospective future employers at poster sessions. A well-designed poster that gets across your main ideas can make the difference between an uninspiring and a stand out presentation.

Designing a scientific poster requires a good understanding of the features in PowerPoint and a sense of designing flow, models and graphic overview, which can be aligned with a succinct and well-rehearsed presentation.

This workshop combines the technical part of designing with PowerPoint - and the conceptual part of communicating through your own design.

After the workshop, you get the possibility for either written or in a 1-1 online meeting personal feedback on your poster.

The aim of the workshop is:

  • About content, organization and visual appeal.
  • Designing in PowerPoint – beyond the default slideshow
  • Prioritizing and structuring your scientific poster
  • Build graphic models that underlines your messages
  • Choose the colours scheme that creates focus and a balanced design
  • Build up your story – and present it online
  • Personal feedback on your draft poster 

Place: This workshop will take place 21 April 2021 13-16 PM, Online (ZOOM)

Sign up before 6 April 2021

Please bring a recent poster or elements from a future poster.

Link to KU poster template