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The Drug Research Academy (DRA) aims at providing a framework to increase the quality of the PhD education in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

Our main focus is to 

  • promote interdisciplinary and translational research via e.g. lectures, seminars,      networking activities etc.
  • increase productivity and supervision quality via e.g. courses/workshops on      transferable skills and biannual progress reports
  • ease the administrative workload for PhD students and supervisors via expert local administrative guidance
  • promote internationalization via the ULLA network and double PhD degree programmes

Drug Research Academy is open for all PhD students working within the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

As a DRA student you are obliged to have

  • PhD project within pharmaceutical sciences
  • At least two supervisors
  • Principal supervisor with a completed supervision course within the first year of
    admission if not already completed
  • Mandatory courses:
    • Annual DRA Summer school (3 x 1.3 ECTS)
    • Scientific Project Planning and Management course 1 (first year) & 2 (third year) (3.2 ECTS)
    • Introduction to University Pedagogy (~3 ECTS)
    • Responsible conduct of research (mandatory for all PhD students at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences)
  • Submission and approval of biannual progress reports
  • Annual performance and development review (mandatory for all employees at UCPH)

In addition, DRA PhD students are encouraged to participate in DRA activities, the ULLA Summer school, use the elective evaluation questionnaire, the elective questionnaire on supervision expectations, and the elective career development plan.