25 March 2021

Online ULLA Summer School 2021

We have 20 seats at the online ULLA Summer School taking place 6-8 July 2021. The Summer School is organised by Uppsala University, Sweden. The programme has not yet been finalized, but this year we have the following themes:

  • Vaccine development
  • Formulation & delivery
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Advanced therapy
  • Safety and efficacy of vaccines
  • DD&D of anti-infectives
  • Antiviral drug discovery
  • Pharmaceutical biotechnology
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship

The online ULLA Summer School is expected to give approximately 2-3 ECTS credits depending on the final programme.

We expect more than 160 PhD students from pharmaceutical institutions in Uppsala, London, Leiden/Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Parma, Leuven and Helsinki to participate in the ULLA Summer School which normally takes place every 2nd year.

The organisers in Uppsala have requested the number of participating PhD students from Copenhagen, thus, if you are interested please fill in the preregistration form before 15 April 2021.

We cannot guarantee you a seat at the ULLA Summer School if we have more than 20 interested PhD students.  In case we are unable to get more seats we will have to make a prioritization or a draw. PhD students who have already participated in an ULLA Summer School or ULLA workshop will get a lower priority as to the online ULLA Summer School 2021.

In case you get a seat in the online ULLA Summer School 2021, you will still be able to apply for a seat in the ULLA Summer School (IRL) expected to take place in Uppsala in 2022.

More information about ULLA Summer Schools