11 May 2020

New requirement to PhD students financed by home country scholarships

The Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences has changed the rules as to the enrolment of new PhD students financed by home country scholarships.

The PhD student must have a minimum amount at disposal of DKK 12,486 per month (corresponding to 2 x SU) during the whole enrolment period except for periods of stay outside Denmark. In case this minimum amount cannot be documented in the enrolment application, the Graduate School has to reject the application.  

In case the home country scholarship is less than DKK 6,243 per month (1 x SU), the enrolment application will be rejected.

In case the home country scholarship is more than 1 x SU but less than 2 x SU, the applicant has to document that the department has decided to grant the PhD student a supplement to the minimum amount via employment as hourly paid PhD student.  

Double degree PhD students are also subject to the new rules, but this is not the case for self-financed PhD students and PhD students financed by SDC scholarships.

Some matters are still unclear, for instance, if the PhD student can supplement the home country scholarship with own money, social security and tax liability in case of employment as hourly paid PhD student, if the position as hourly paid PhD student has to be announced etc.

In 2020, the Head of the Graduate School has the possibility of granting exemptions from the University’s minimum amount on a case-by-case basis.

In case you have questions, you are welcome to contact PhD coordinator Marianne W. Jørgensen.