10 February 2019

Forskningens Døgn/The Day of Research - Book a scientist - Participate!

Forskningens døgn/The day of research - Book a scientist

You are hereby invited to participate in Book a scientist 2019, which runs from 24 - 30 April 2019. Book a Scientist is an initiative during the Research Day/Forskningens Døgn - a science festival organized by the Ministry of Education and Research. The event attracted almost 24,000 participants in 2018, distributed over 524 lectures from 294 researchers.
Do you have the opportunity to send the invitation to researchers at

Order a researcher gives rise to dialogue between researchers and society and promotes the reputation of research in Denmark. You get a unique opportunity to communicate your research to new target groups and the wider public.

Read more in the attached manuals (Danish and English)  or on our Website. You can register lectures on the "Forskningens Døgns" website. Registration is open until March 1st.

If you have any questions, please contact "Book a Scientist" via this e-mail: bestilenforsker@bestilenforsker.dk