14 January 2019

Increased financial support for PhD students regarding external courses, change of research environment, and Danish language courses

As of 1 January 2019, the Graduate School increases the financial support for PhD students regarding external courses and change of research environment.

Financial support for external courses
The maximum reimbursement for course fees for external courses increases from DKK 1,500 per ECTS to DKK 1,800 per ECTS.
It remains unchanged that PhD students can receive reimbursement for a maximum of two external courses.

Financial support for change of research environment
The maximum grant for change of research environment increases from DKK 10,000 to DKK 20,000 for the first month.
It remains unchanged that the maximum grant for each of the following months is DKK 5,000. It is possible to apply for financial support for up to six months.

These changes apply to applications submitted to the Graduate School after 1 January 2019.
More information is available on the Graduate School website.

Financial support for international PhD students’ Danish language courses
Furthermore, international PhD students can apply for reimbursement for up to two courses. The maximum of the total grant is 4.000 DKK. The PhD student must have completed the course after 1 July 2018. Paid course fees are refundable for courses completed during enrolment or less than six months before enrolment.

The Graduate School supports courses completed at language schools, which offer courses at different skill levels, see information from International Staff Mobility. The Graduate School launches this new opportunity because Danish language courses for non-Danish PhD students are no longer publicly funded.

Learn more about financial support for participation in Danish language courses.

If you have any questions, please contact Marianne (marianne.joergensen@sund.ku.dk) or the Graduate School via email phdschool@sund.ku.dk.