3 December 2019

Election of steering committee members for the Young Pharma Forum (YPF) for 2020

It is time to elect members for the steering committee for the Young Pharma Forum (YPF) for 2020. YPF has an annual budget of 50.000 DKK to make scientific, career, networking and social activities for its members (= PhD students, postdocs and assistant professors at DRA/IF/ILF) so this is your chance to influence how this money can be spent in an fruitful way.
As in 2019 we would like to put more emphasis on scientific and career activities and also have more activities involving postdocs and assistant professors in 2020. I thus strongly encourage postdocs and assistant professors to sign up as candidates for the next steering committee, which has mainly consisted of PhD students the last couple of years.
However, I also strongly encourage interested PhD students to sign up as candidates so we can get a well balanced and active committee for 2020.

I find the work of the YPF highly important to provide a vibrant and ‘bottom-up' forum for our non-tenured researchers and I thus strongly encourage you to become a candidate for the steering committee!

I would also like to use this opportunity to warmly thank the sitting committee for all the great work they have done (and still do) in 2019!

Details about the YPF can be found in the attached mission statement and the DRA website: https://dra.ku.dk/young_pharma_forum/

If your are interested in becoming a member of the steering committee for the next year (1/1-20 to 31/12-20) please fill in the form below and e-mail it to Head of DRA Hans Bräuner-Osborne (hbo@sund.ku.dk). 
Deadline for applications is already Wednesday December 11.
The new Committee will be announced as soon as possible.

Please find the attached document issued along the statement here.

Statement issued by
Hans Braüner-Osborne on December 3rd 2019