18 October 2019

Election to PhD Study Board 2020

Every year there is an election for PhD student representatives in the PhD Study Board (PhD committee). There is one seat for a PhD student in pharmaceutical sciences in the PhD Study Board at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (and also room for an alternate).

Information and instructions on the election is available at KUnet.

Please note the following:

  • Only PhD students on the electoral register for the PhD Study Board are able to recommend candidates, be a candidate and to vote. If you are not there you have to inform KU-valg@adm.ku.dk before 22 October.
  • The deadline for candidacy is 30 October at 2pm. Forms and guidance are available on KUnet.
  • Announcement of candidates 7 November.
  • The election takes place electronically from 25 November to 29 November at 3pm.
  • The result of the election is announced 4 December.
  • The “function period” is 1 January to 31 December 2020.

The PhD Study Board at SUND consists of 6 representatives from the permanent academic staff (VIP) and 6 PhD students (pharmaceutical sciences is represented by one VIP and one PhD student). It is fine to be English speaking.

If you have questions regarding the election, please contact: The Election Office, Preben Liljendahl, KU-valg@adm.ku.dk

I hope that you are interested in becoming a member (or alternate) in the PhD Study Board as eg. rules on the PhD programme at SUND are discussed in this board – please find more information as to the PhD Study Board linked here.

You are also welcome to contact our present member PhD student Maja Nørgaard Kristensen, Department of Pharmacy to get more information.