17 January 2018

ULLA workshop 2018

ULLA organizes a 3 day workshop ‘Macromolecules and biologicals – from generation to formulation’ for PhD students taking place on 1-4 July 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. The workshop it is part of a series of biennial workshops (even years) alternating with the ULLA summer school (uneven years) and the workshop topic is selected by the PhD students themselves.

The scientific program consists of short lectures (2 h), practical work (8 h), student presentations (2 h total, 20 min per group excluding preparation time), and the introductory and wrap up sessions (2 h). The practical part of the workshop is composed of six themes that contain two subgroups each. Students are divided into these subgroups based on their preferences, subject to availability (5 students and one supervisor per group).

The six themes are: Viral therapies - Nanotechnology - Protein synthesis - Enzymes - Formulation - Analytics

Every ULLA partner institution has 4 seats at the workshop, so the graduate prorgamme in pharmaceutical sciences, Drug Research Academy, has 4 seats. In case you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send an email to dra@sund.ku.dk before 1 February 2018 at 12h.

In case of more than 4 interested participants a selection will be made according to the following criteria:

1) No previous participation in the ULLA summer school or ULLA workshop (and vice versa)
2) Equal spread between DRA PhD students at departments
3) Distribution of research areas

ULLA and DRA pay for expenses related to the organization of the workshop including accommodation/travel costs as well as some of the catering. ULLA and DRA do not pay for daily allowances (dagpenge).

Please be aware that this is NOT the ULLA Summer School. We will email you - expectedly in Autumn 2018 - when we open for preregistrations for the ULLA Summer School 2019 in Helsinki.

Link to more information on the ULLA consortium