19 December 2018

Preregistration for ULLA Summer School 2019

DRA has 20 seats at the ULLA Summer School taking place in Helsinki 29 June to 6 July 2019. The programme has not yet been finalized, but you can find more information about the ULLA Summer Schools: http://ullapharmsci.org/summer-schools/ The ULLA Summer School gives 5 ECTS credits.

160 PhD students from pharmaceutical institutions in Uppsala, London, Leiden/Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Parma, Leuven and Helsinki are expected to participate in the ULLA Summer School which takes place every 2nd year.

The organizers in Helsinki have requested the names of the participating PhD students from Copenhagen, thus, fill in the preregistration before 8 January 2019.

We cannot guarantee you a seat at the ULLA Summer School if we have more than 20 interested PhD students.  In case we are unable to get more seats we will have to make a prioritization or a draw. PhD students who have already participated in an ULLA Summer School or ULLA workshop cannot attend again.

In case you get a seat there will not be any course fee or lodging expenses and travelling expenses (max 150 EUR) will be covered. You can expect expenses to meals not included in the programme and transportation in Helsinki during the Summer School.