19 July 2018

Internet courses on pharmaceutical bioinformatics open for late applications

The Pharmaceutical BIoinformatics Group at Uppsala University offers courses on 'Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics', 'Applied Structural Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics' and 'Applied Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics'. The courses are now open for late application

The autumn 2018 introductory course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics (7.5 ECTS credits; start January 15, 2018) given by Uppsala University is now open for late application.

The course, which is free of charge for EU/EAA-citizens, is suited for researchers who are interested to learn how complex chemical and biomedical processes can be investigated even down to their finest chemical details using informatics, and how this can be used for the developments and investigations on drugs.

To pre-register and receive further information please sign up at www.pharmbio.org

Furthermore, the Uppsala University now also offers two additional courses: 
I.  Applied Structural Pharmaceutical Bioinformatis (5 ECTS credits; start September 3, 2018)
II. Applied Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics (5 ECTS credits; start November 5, 2018)

More information is available at www.pharmbio.org/pages/other_courses.

To finally apply to the courses, please follow this link:

For non-EU students with an institutional affiliation the courses are available as commissioned courses.

For regular commissioned courses please sign up at http://www.pharmbio.org/c/commissioned-sign-up

If you are PhD student and wish a commissioned course please sign up at http://www.pharmbio.org/pages/phd-course

Please register as early as possible in order for the university admissions to have time to handle your application!