01 June 2016

DRA Summer School 2016

We are pleased to announce the DRA Summer School taking place 24-25 August 2016.

The keynote speakers at the DRA Summer School have been confirmed on 24 August: 

  • Head of R&D Open Innovation Niclas Nilsson, LEO Pharma: "Opening up pharmaceutical drug research - how open innovation enables new collaborations"
  • PhD, Senior Analyst Competitive Intelligence Simon Birksø Larsen, Novo Nordisk: "Pursuing a Career in Industry: Life After Academia: Work Life Tales"
  • PhD, Group Leader Drug Development Unit Christoffer Clemmensen, Institute for Diabetes and Obesity (IDO) & Helmholtz Diabetes Center, Helmholtz Center Munich: "Pursuing a Career in Academia: The Road Less Traveled"

3rd year PhD students will present their projects. 2nd year PhD students will present their projects on posters.

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PhD students' registration and programme participation (24-25 August), supervisors and other participants' registration (25 August) are open.