18 August 2015

PhD course: Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

On the 18 - 21 of August the PhD course: Intrinsically Disordered Proteins is being held.

The course's lectures are open for anyone who might be interested.
The course takes place in room 22 in building 22.

Tuesday 9-11 (including discussion)
1) Order and disorder in proteins: Why do ordered proteins fold? What is intrinsic disorder and how it was found? 
Wednesday (9-14, including lunch break and discussions)
2) Start at 10 am: Peculiarities of the IDP sequences and tools for prediction and computational analysis of disorder
3) Start at 11 am: Abundance of IDPs, their biological functions and evolution  
4) Start at 1 pm: Strange biophysics of IDPs (Complexity from simplicity, structural heterogeneity, potential relation to chaos,  unusula conformational behavior)  
Thursday 9-11 (including discussion)
5) Start at 10 am: Introduction to using SAXS for IDP analysis, and the relevance of coupling with NMR
Friday 9-14 (including lunch break and discussions)
6) Start at 9 am: IDPs in diseases and peculiarities of using IDPs as drug targets
7) Start at 11 am: Examples of SAXS application to IDP, highly flexible proteins, and amyloid proteins. Discussion of structural heterogeneity, structural ensembles and transient structures.