13 July 2015

PhD Study Board Representative Election.

On Nov 23-27. 2015 there will be held an election, to choose the next representative from pharmaceutical sciences to be part of the PhD Study Board (The current representative is not running). 

The PhD Study Board (PhD Committee) is made up from representatives from the scientific staff and representatives from the PhD Students. As part of the Study Board you will be part of the following:

  1. To recommend members to the assessment committee for assessing PhD theses
  2. To approve PhD courses
  3. To prepare proposals for the internal guidelines of the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, including guidelines for PhD supervision
  4. To comment on evaluations of the PhD programme and the PhD supervision, including international evaluations
  5. To approve applications for merit and dispensation
  6. To comment on issues of relevance to graduate training and supervision.

If you are interested in becoming part of the PhD Study Board you can read more:
Nomination to University Election
Boards and Committees

In order to become a candidate for the election, you must register no later than the 30 October. The list of candidates will be published the 6 November.