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How to apply for funding for a lecture

Please use this application form and send it to DRA at

Applications are considered on a continuous basis and DRA requires a minimum of two weeks from application to event to allow for sufficient time for handling the application and announcement.

Maximum grant for lectures: DKK 4,000.

Please observe the following requirements when preparing your application:

  • The main organizer must be a DRA supervisor
  • The importance of the lecture as part of the training of the PhD students affiliated with the programme, please state
  • The lecture may be organized alone or in cooperation with other universities, academic organisations and/or pharmaceutical companies.
  • The DRA lecture will be announced under Drug Research Academy
  • The lecture must take place at UP2 in one of the auditoria. Only if no auditorium is available another room at UP2 can be accepted.

The following must be observed when preparing your budget:

DRA covers costs in connection with hotel and travel, dinner or lunch, and refreshments before or after the lecture.

Maximum amount for speakers from outside Greater Copenhagen: DKK 4,000 (travel costs, hotel, dinner or lunch)

Maximum amount for speakers from inside Greater Copenhagen: DKK 1,000 (travel costs, dinner or lunch)

Travel costs:

Hotel price (State agreement): DKK 1,020 per night
No. of nights with hotel accommodation: Speakers from Europe 1 night, speakers travelling from overseas 2 nights

Airfare: Maximum reimbursable airfare is economy class. If economy class is not available for a specific flight, an amount corresponding to the cost of an economy class ticket will be reimbursed. 

Ground transportation: The cheapest possible means of transportation should be selected.

Social arrangements:

DKK 35 per participant for refreshments before or after the lecture
DKK 800 per participant for dinner or lunch (not in-house), DKK 100 for lunch (in-house)
At least 1 PhD student per 5 participants should be invited to dinner/lunch (N.B. see ‘In connection with a PhD defence)

Transfer of grant:

If your application is approved, DRA will transfer the grant directly to the account at the department indicated in the application. It is not possible to transfer into an external account (e.g. DR 50). In case you spend considerably less than budgeted for and granted, the remaining amount must be returned to DRA.

In connection with a PhD defence:

If the lecture is combined with a PhD defence, DRA can pay for one extra night at the hotel for the lecturer, but will not cover travel expenses. It is encouraged that one or more PhD students participate in the dinner and DRA will cover this expense along with expenses for speakers/organizers not paid for by the Graduate School. The defending PhD student can only participate in the lunch/dinner after the PhD defence.


DRA will announce the lecture at the homepage, internal mailing lists at PharmaSchool, info screens, the SUND calendar, KUnet, LinkedIn, as well as via DRAs external mail lists. The organizer informs his/her own network. 

List of participants:

DRA provides a form of the list of participants. Please circulate the list for attendance and return it to DRA afterwards.