Workshop 2 - Becoming an entrepreneur

Content: Have you ever wondered whether being an entrepreneur could be the right path for you? Would you like to know whether your research can be commercialized? Then come and hear the exciting stories from two former KU PhD students on how they have turned their research into business, both within and outside Academia. Learn about the factors to take into account when assessing the commercial potential of your invention and put into practice your innovative mindset with a small fun ideation exercise.

Instructors: The workshop will be conducted by Kamilla Rolsted, Rafel Simó Vicens, Peter Løvschall, Anna Vestergård Jacobsen and Nadia Storm, Innovation Consultants at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, and will include presentations from entrepreneurs Jakob Lewin Rukov, founder of Syngja and Bugging Denmark, and Alexander Hovard Sparre-Ulrich, founder of Antag Therapeutics.

When: Monday 2 November 10:30-12:30

Max: 25 participants

Platform: Zoom

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