Delivery Technologies for Nucleic Acid-based Therapeutics

DRA symposium and COST workshop

COST - European Cooperation in Sience and Technology

Dinner information


Thursday, January 23th

12:30 Registration and sandwich
13:30 Welcome and general introduction to the field
Camilla Foged, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
14:00 Session 1: ASO conjugates
Chair: Suzan Hammond, University of Oxford, UK
  14:00 Delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides to hepatocytes in chronic hepatitis B infection
Søren Ottosen, Roche
14:30 GLP-1 conjugates
Shalini Andersson, Astra Zeneca, Sweden
15:00 CPP conjugates
Richard Raz, University of Oxford, UK
15:30 Hydrofobically modified gapmers
Jesper Wengel, University of Southern Denmark
16:00 Discussion
16:15 Coffee break
16:45 Session 2: Nanoparticles
Chair: Camilla Foged, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  16:45 Lipid nanoparticle delivery technology enabling gene therapies
Roy van der Meel, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
  17:30 Uptake of LNPs
Anders Wittrup, Lund University, Sweden

Dinner at restaurant Tårnet, Christiansborg Palace
Please register separately for the dinner no later than January 14th 2020 to Camilla Foged ( Please notice that the dinner is only partially funded by COST for COST members and speakers, so there is a charge of 45 € pr COST participant/speaker for the dinner. Non-COST participants are also welcome for the dinner (limited number of seats), but for a price of 90 €. Please pay in cash or by mobile pay (+45 21 63 34 64) to Camilla before the dinner. The price includes a three course menu, wine and coffee. Please see more information here.

Friday, January 24th

9:00 Session 3: Nanoparticles - continued
Chair: Camilla Foged, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
9:00 Extracellular vesicle-mediated delivery of RNA therapeutics
Imre Mäger, University of Oxford, UK
9:30 Peptide-mediated delivery of RNA therapeutics
Taavi Lehto, University of Tartu/Karolinska Institutet, Estonia/Sweden
10:00 Lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles for local delivery
Camilla Foged, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
10:30 Discussion
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Session 4: mRNA delivery
Chair: Shalini Andersson, Astra Zeneca, Sweden
  11:15 Delivery of mRNA-based therapeutics
Shalini Andersson, Astra Zeneca, Sweden
  11:45 mRNA delivery
George Dakwar, Ph.D. - Senior Scientist, Formulation and Filling, eTheRNA Immunotherapies, Belgium
12:15 Discussion
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 5: Physicochemical characterization and manufacturing
Chair: Yibang Zhang, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  13:30 Physicochemical characterization of nanomedicine
Camilla Foged, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  14:00 Electron microscopy for analyzing nucleic acid/DDS nanoparticles
Margus Pooga, University of Tartu, Estonia
  14:30 An integrated approach for the characterization of lamellar and non-lamellar liquid crystalline nanomedicines
Anan Yaghmur, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Session 6: Physicochemical characterization and manufacturing - continued
Chair: Yibang Zhang, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  15:30 Accelerating the Development of Transformative Nanomedicines with NxGen Microfluidics
Ajay Johni, Precision NanoSystems, UK
  16:00 A CMC perspective on working with oligonucleotide CMO
Thomas Rupp, Thomas Rupp Consulting UG, Germany
  16:30 Addressing CMC Challenges Associated with High Volume GalNAc-Conjugated Oligonucleotides
John Northall, GSK, UK
  17:00 Discussion
17:30 Farewell

The symposium is organized on behalf of COST and the graduate programme in pharmaceutical sciences, Drug Research Academy, by Professor Camilla Foged, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen and Suzan Hammond, Department of Paediatrics, University of Oxford.

The symposium is free of charge and open for attendance by all interested parties. Please pre-register to Camilla Foged ( before January 20th.