PhD defence by Nikolaj Riis Christensen

Understanding and targeting of multivalent interactions within the synaptic scaffold

A case study using PSD-95 and PICK1 


Assessment committee
(Chairperson) Associate Professor Céline Galvagnion, University of Copenhagen
Professor Daniel Otzen, Aarhus University
Professor Mingjie Zhang, The Hongkong University of Science and Technology

Professor Kristian Strømgaard, University of Copenhagen
Associate Professor Kenneth Lindegaard Madsen, University of Copenhagen

Drug Design and Pharmacology

Graduate programme
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Place of experimental work
The experimental work took place at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen, and at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience, University of Bordeaux, France

Place of defence
The PhD defense can be accessed using the following link:

Zoom can be downloaded by following this link ( We kindly ask you to install Zoom and connect as user prior to the defense. In case you do not want to download Zoom, it should also possible to join the meeting through the web browser.

The defense will follow the normal guidelines for a PhD defense, meaning; the Chair will initiate the defense, followed by Nikolaj Riis Christensen's presentation (app. 45 min) and thereafter the assessment committee will ask questions. The general audience is subsequently allowed to ask questions. For general audience to ask questions, we encourage the use of the chat function in Zoom, in order to keep track of questions.

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