Teaching workshop 15 May 2019 – University of Copenhagen

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Teaching workshop 15 May 2019

This workshop in teaching is mandatory for all PhD students enrolled in 2017 and onwards, and for all Post Docs employed in 2019 and who will be employed at PharmaSchool for at least 3 months in 2019.

All scientific employees at PharmaSchool (Department of Pharmacy and Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology) are by default taking part of the teaching at the courses delivered at PharmaSchool.

The aim of this 3.5 hours workshop is to introduce new PhD students and Post Docs to PharmaSchool and to identify which courses that are relevant to teach for each new employee.

Attending this workshop provides 8 teaching hours.

Registration deadline 7 May 2019

In case of any questions please contact the head of the Teaching Committees at the Department of Pharmacy (Stefan Stürup) or the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology (Lasse Bak).