Workshop on Intercultural Communication

Understanding how to effectively communicate with people from different cultures is crucial. For instance, should I mail, phone or pay someone a visit to get my message across? Should I use Danish or English? How do I give feedback to a foreign colleague? If you have ever wondered about these or similar questions, then this is the workshop for you.

What will I learn?

  • Your own and your colleagues' cultural background
  • How you can optimize your intercultural communication and give effectively feedback
  • Danish and university working culture
  • How you can support new (international) colleagues
  • Communication and context
  • Understanding different communication styles and how they affect others
  • Verbal vs nonverbal communication

DRA PhD students have first priority, both Danes and non-Danes (max number of participants: 25)

Mark de Vos, Senior International Mobility Consultant, International Staff Mobility (ISM), University of Copenhagen
Mary K. Kobia, Dual Career Consultant, International Staff Mobility (ISM), University of Copenhagen

Register before 8 August 2019.
Lunch is included.