PhD Defence by Sebastiaan Kuhne – University of Copenhagen

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PhD Defence by Sebastiaan Kuhne

Design and synthesis of tool compounds to probe GPCRs


Assessment Committee
(Chairperson)Professor Flemming Steen Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen
Professor Mike Warring, Newcastle University, UK
Professor Georgy Keseru, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Professor Tom Grossmann, VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Professor Eric Haaksma, VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Associate Professor Daniel Sejer Pedersen, University of Copenhagen
Professor Rob Leurs, VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Professor Iwan de Esch, VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Professor Hans Bräuner-Osborne, University of Copenhagen

Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology

Graduate Programme
Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Place of experimental work
The experimental work took place at the University of Copenhagen (Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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