3'rd Blood-Brain Barrier Symposium – University of Copenhagen

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3'rd Blood-Brain Barrier Symposium

The restrictive properties of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) remains one of the main obstacles in CNS drug development and thus treatment of brain disease. The symposium will cover various aspects of delivery of small and large molecules to the CNS. It will thus be relevant for both pharmacological and pharmaceutical scholars, as well as interested parties from other HEALTH as well as SCIENCE departments.


12:00 Sandwiches and soft drinks
12:20 Welcome and intro
12:30 Diffusion in the brain extracellular space
Charles Nicholson, NYU School of Medicines, US
13:30 Methods and challenges for investigating drug concentrations in the brain parenchyma
Margareta Hammerlund denaes, Uppsala University, Sweden
14:15 Regional differences in brain drug uptake
Irena Loryan, Uppsala University, Sweden
14:30 Coffee & cake break
15:00 Harnessing bispecific antobodies to overcome the blood-brain barrier
Krzysztof B. Wicher, Ossianix, UK
15:45 Median eminence tanycytes - gatekeepers for central acting appetite regulating compounds
Hans Christian Helms, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
16:15 Stem cell modeling of the blood-brain barrierCharlotte Goldeman, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
16:30 Short coffee break
16:45 Status and progress for the implementation of LCMS bioanalytical platform to support antibody quantification in plasma, CSF, and brain
Dino Montanari, H. Lundbeck A/S, Denmark
17:30 Concluding remarks

The symposium is arranged on behalf of the graduate programme in pharmaceutical sciences, Drug Research Academy, together with the Scandinavian Blood-Brain Barrier Network (SBBN), and and the Lundbeck Foundation Research Initiative on Brain Barriers and Drug Delivery (RIBBDD) by Birger Brodin, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Attendance is free, however we would like you to register by sending a mail to birger.brodin@sund.ku.dk prior to the meeting and preferably before 18 August 2017. The capacity of the venue is limited. Participation will be granted on a “first come –first served” basis.