PhD Defence by Zeinab Esmail Nazari – University of Copenhagen

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PhD Defence by Zeinab Esmail Nazari

Advancing Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS) Methodology for Conformational Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals


Assessment committee
(Chairperson) Associate Professor Camilla Foged, University of Copenhagen
Professor Thomas J.D. Jørgensen, University of Southern Denmark
Associate Professor David Weis, University of Kansas, US

Professor Kasper Dyrberg Rand, University of Copenhagen
Associate Professor Marco van de Weert, University of Copenhagen 

Department of Pharmacy

Place of experimental work
The experimental work took place at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, and the Department of Protein Pharmaceutical Development, Biogen Idec, Cambridge, USA

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After the defence there will be a reception