PhD Defence by Lærke Østergaard Arnfast – University of Copenhagen

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PhD Defence by Lærke Østergaard Arnfast

Solid form engineering in melt extrusion


Assessment committee
(Chairperson) Associate Professor Holger Grohganz, University of Copenhagen
Professor Johannes Khinast, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Associate Professor Mats Stading, Chalmars University of Technology, Sweden

Professor Jukka Rantanen, University of Copenhagen
Associate Professor Stefania Baldursdottir, University of Copenhagen
Professor Andrew D. Bond, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 

Department of Pharmacy

Place of experimental work
The experimental work took place at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, and at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Process Analytical Technology, Ghent University, Belgium

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After the defence there will be a reception