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Introduction meeting for new supervisors

The graduate programme in pharmaceutical sciences, Drug Research Academy (DRA) is organizing an introduction meeting for newly affiliated PhD supervisors.


Head of DRA Hans Bräuner-Osborne will introduce the following topics:

  • Graduate school versus graduate programme (= DRA): who does what?
  • Content and main focus of DRA:
    • DRA summer school
    • DRA progress reports
    • DRA workshops for PhD students and supervisors
    • DRA lectures and symposia funding
    • The ULLA consortium
  • Funding Lundbeck Foundation scholar stipends in pharmaceutical neuroscience

DRA Administrator and PhD coordinator Marianne W. Jørgensen will introduce the following topics:

  • Organization of PhD courses at the Department of Pharmacy (IF) and the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology (ILF)
  • PhD fellowships at IF and ILF
  • The role of the PhD coordinator

Discussion of the topics above and any questions you might have.

PhD supervisors who have been here for a while are also welcome to join the meeting.

Please register by e-mail to Marianne Jørgensen (