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Polymers in pharmaceuticals

Lecture by Dr. Sami Hietala, Helsinki University, Department of Chemistry, Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry


The lecture is arranged on behalf of Drug Research Academy, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen on behalf of Stefania Baldursdottir, Department of Pharmacy (email: stefania.baldursdottir@sund.ku.dk).

The lecture is open for everybody and free of charge. It is not necessary to register in advance.

The easiest way to the meeting room is by entering building 13 of Universitetsparken 2, by its northwestern entrance (double glass-doors) and proceeding forwarding through the double metal doors, coming to two lifts. The meeting room is then located by taking the smaller (on the left) of these to the 7th floor, and you can proceed up a small flight of stairs to the 8th floor. Signs from the ground floor up will be posted on the day of the event.