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Biannual progress reports

Deadlines for submitting the biannual report are: 1 May and 1 November.

The purpose of the progress reports is to help DRA PhD students keeping their PhD on track and ensure efficient and continuous evaluation of the course of the PhD project. The progress reports allow the PhD student to step back from the experimental work, evaluate progress and set milestones for the remaining period. In addition, the report sets the stage for getting feedback from all supervisors.
After reading the report the PhD student and supervisors must meet to discuss the progress and future plans, which are then approved by all supervisors and summarized on the last page of the report. If all agree, the Spring meeting can be merged with the annual Performance and Development Review (MUS). The meeting is called by the PhD student. If all parties agree, the elective evaluation questions can be used as a supplement for the meeting.

The progress report incl. meeting summary should be submitted twice a year (1 May and 1 November) – by sending it to the principal supervisor, co-supervisors and DRA Secretariat (

If you have initiated your PhD project less than 3 months before the deadline or you have stopped collecting data and initiated writing your thesis you do not have to write the progress report.

Please use the template for the report (in the box to the top right of this page). If you already make a report with a similar content for other purposes (e.g. MUS or research centre reports), you are welcome to submit these reports to DRA instead.

Please contact the DRA secretariat immediately if you are unable to meet the deadline due to e.g. leave or an external stay abroad. We will then agree on an alternative deadline.

The report should include the following:

  • Brief background of project
  • Aim
  • Status
  • Intermediate goals for the current project period
  • Progress since last report including key data
  • Future research plans
  • Status for elements in the PhD education (eg courses taken, teaching and other dissemination activities conducted, status for stay at another research environment)

Remember to submit the progress report to the DRA secretariat once the supervisor meeting has been held.

Compliance with the annual assessment from the Graduate School
On January 1, 2014 the format of the mandatory assessment from the Graduate School changed. You should thus perform an assessment and submit a signed form annually (3-9 months after commencement, 15-18 months after commencement and 6-12 months before submission of thesis).

The DRA biannual progress reports and supervisor meeting fulfill the criteria of the annual assessment from the Graduate School. You should thus perform the DRA biannual progress reporting and then get your supervisors to sign the assessment form and submit it to the Graduate School at the intervals given above. No reports should be submitted to the Graduate School.

The Graduate School recommends the use of external assessor, which however is not mandatory. It is OK with DRA if you choose to involve an external assessor in (some of) the DRA biannual progress report meetings, but it is not mandatory.

The submitted progress reports will be stored locally at the DRA Administration and only viewed by the DRA Administration (i.e. Marianne Jørgensen and Birgitte Søndenskov) and the Head of DRA Hans Bräuner-Osborne, who are all employed by the University of Copenhagen. According to special legal advisor Eva Lessèl we are thus covered by the same confidentiality agreement given that we are employed by the same legal entity. You do thus not breach your confidentiality agreement by submitting your progress reports to the DRA Administration.